Space Photos of the Week: Where Stars Go to Live and Die

As Carl Sagan once said, “We are made of star stuff.” And so is everything in the universe. When a star explodes, it leaves behind traces that can tell you about its elemental makeup, and Cassiopeia A is a great example of those supernova remnants. The Chandra X-ray observatory snapped this photo of Cassiopeia A […]

Silicon Valley’s Immortalists Will Help Us All Stay Healthy

Unhappily for me—and everyone else—we’ve made little progress in extending the outer limit of the human lifespan. Yes, more people are living longer because we’ve gotten better at nutrition, curing acute conditions such as infections, and treating a handful of chronic diseases. But the maximum reported age at death has plateaued at around 115 years. […]

The Hard Math Behind Bitcoin’s Global Warming Problem

Let me freak you out for a second. You know what bitcoin is, right? I mean, no, but quickly, it’s a “cryptocurrency” that’s basically secret computer money. One bitcoin, which doesn’t actually have a real, physical form, is worth at this moment upwards of $16,000. But to get one, you either have to buy them […]

Patients Want Poop Transplants. Here’s How to Make Them Safe

Neill Stollman has been called the Tupac of poop transplants. The Oakland-based, board-certified gastroenterologist didn’t invent the treatment. But he did bring it to the west coast. His first patient was a woman in her 80s with a horrible case of Clostridium difficile, a gut infection that can strike patients after a course of antibiotics […]

NASA’s Latest Kepler Exoplanet Discovery Fueled by AI

Saturn’s rings sure are pretty, and Matt Damon’s been to Mars, but our eight-planet solar system may not be that special after all. Today, scientists using data from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft announced they’d discovered an eighth planet orbiting a star 2,500 light years away. They’ve named the planet Kepler-90i after the star it orbits, Kepler-90, […]

The Alabama Senate Election Was Decided 100 Million Years Ago

They say victory has a hundred fathers, and Doug Jones’ upset win in the Alabama Senate race Tuesday night is no exception. Maybe it was the mounting accusations of child molestation facing Republican opponent Roy Moore that sealed Jones’ victory. Maybe this was just the latest swell in the blue wave that washed over Virginia […]

Math Says You’re Driving Wrong and It’s Slowing Us All Down

Math Says You’re Driving Wrong and It’s Slowing Us All Down

Ah, the phantom traffic jam. You know, that thing where the flow suddenly slows to a halt and you inch forward for a half hour and then things pick up again and you look around for an accident or construction or anything at all for Pete’s sake that might justify the time you just wasted. […]

Robots Are Fueling the Quiet Ascendance of the Electric Motor

If you were going to kick off a technological revolution, you’d be hard-pressed to do it with more pizazz than Tesla with its electric cars. Flashy, kinda-self-driving, neck-snappingly fast electric cars. But oddly enough, what’s driving it all—the electric motor—is an ancient technology at this point. It’s lost out to the gas engine for over […]

How Social Research Is Evolving in the Digital World

Figuring out how human beings do human things is one of the most exciting things that science—psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology—can do. It’s also one of the hardest. Reliable, meaningful methods that distill real-world behavior into experimental variables have been, let’s say, elusive. That might be part of the reason the “reproducibility crisis,” concerns about the […]

The Science of When: Hack Your Timing to Optimize Your Life

Schedule surgeries, earnings calls, and therapy appointments before noon. Score the biggest bucks by switching jobs every three to five years. The ideal age to get hitched (and avoid divorce): 32. In his new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Daniel Pink scours psychological, biological, and economic studies to explore what he calls […]

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