Basingstoke photographer Laura Donohoe says this dress saved her life

How about this for a wedding dress? It took four years to make after the designer nearly lost her leg in a motorbike accident last year. Facing life in a wheelchair, Laura Donohoe, 24 from Basingstoke, Hampshire used the dress as her inspiration to walk again. Now, Laura hopes to finish a series of seasonal […]

Johnny Hallyday: Huge crowds gather to say farewell

Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered to bid farewell to the French rock star Johnny Hallyday, who died this week. President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the singer in a eulogy at the Madeleine church. Johnny Hallyday: Huge crowds gather to say farewell

Catalan minister: We may have broken law

A former member of the sacked Catalan government has acknowledged it may have broken the law by going against the Spanish constitution during the region’s independence drive in October. Josep Rull was speaking to the BBC’s Gavin Lee after his recent release on bail. Four Catalan separatists to stay in jail Catalan minister: We may […]

War of the World Cup animals

A meerkat, a raccoon, two turtles and an otter will all be predicting the results of next year’s World Cup tournament. Sarah Rainsford and Steve Rosenberg travelled all over Russia to meet the animals vying for Paul the Octopus’s crown. War of the World Cup animals

The ‘Godfather of Coral’ who’s still diving at 72

Over the last 50 years, Charlie Veron has discovered more than 20% of the world’s coral species. He was also one of the early scientists to document coral bleaching. We follow him underwater on the Great Barrier Reef as he remembers the spectacular world he saw. Hear more Ocean Stories on BBC World Service. Video […]