Six global income investments to beat your UK dividend addiction –

Income funds investing overseas do not always offer higher yields, but they spread risk away from the fortunes of the UK market and might be worth holding alongside popular “UK equity income” funds.

Adrian Lowcock, of investment company Architas, said: “Exposure to global income-paying stocks gives investors access to some of the world’s most consistent and reliable dividend payers.” 

For instance, US-listed Coca Cola has increased its dividend each year for 55 years, and currently yields 3.5pc. There are a number of options for income investors. Telegraph Money unearths several attractive propositions.

Artemis Global Income

Yield: 2.9pc

Five-year total return: 123pc

Charge: 0.81pc

This £3.6bn fund is invested in companies spread across the US, UK, Europe, Japan and emerging markets.

Bank and financial stocks make up around a quarter of the fund, but it is invested in a broad range of sectors and manager Jacob De Tusch-Lec has no region or size restrictions. 

Spanish leisure group Parques Reunidos is a top 10 holding. 

Newton Global Income

Yield: 3.2pc

Five-year total return: 97pc

Charge: 0.79pc

The £5.8bn Global Income fund has large investments in consumer goods, health care, tobacco, technology and consumer services.

Nearly half the fund is invested in the US, and another 25pc in the UK.

Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Norway and Sweden also feature in the portfolio.

Top holdings include Microsoft, Japan Tobacco and pharmaceutical company Novartis. 

Fidelity Global Dividend

Yield: 2.8pc

Five-year total return: 111pc

Charge: 0.98pc

Daniel Roberts has run this £830m fund for the past five years. Strong growth has made up for the below 3pc yield. 

American and UK stocks account for around 50pc of the fund, with the rest spread across countries including Japan, Germany and Australia.

Mr Lowcock said that Mr Roberts focuses on straightforward, predictable businesses – top holdings include consultancy firm Wolters Kluwer and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson.

Six global income investments to beat your UK dividend addiction –

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